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Bax may refer to:

Bax, as a surname, may refer to:

  • Ad Bax (born 1956), Dutch-American biophysicist
  • Alessio Bax (born 1977), Italian classical pianist
  • Arnold Bax (1883–1953), British composer
  • Bob Bax (c.1936–2000), Australian rugby league footballer and coach
  • Clifford Bax (1886–1962), British writer, brother of Arnold
  • Ernest Belfort Bax (1854–1926), British socialist, philosopher, and historian
  • Etienne Bax (born 1988), Dutch sidecarcross rider
  • Jean-Sebastien Bax (born 1972), retired French-Mauritian footballer
  • Jos Bax (1946–2020), Dutch footballer
  • Kylie Bax (born 1975), New Zealand-born model and actress
  • Mart Bax (born 1937), Dutch political anthropologist
  • Martin Bax, British paediatrician and arts magazine editor
  • Nick Bax (born 1970), British designer

BAX may refer to:

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  • BA-X, German job market index